Tuesday, May 8, 2012


my life
a cruel twist
nothing more
no score
lonely girl
i only know
selfish taunts
a gravel hoe
will she know
ever realise
I dream of her knowing
how cruel of my showing
for as long as im knowing
she can't know
societies pressure
is to say i should be a man
not let her know how much I care
if i'm in love than I'll do anything
to not let her know
how corny, how ironic
for all it seems i don't realise
alone at night
wish it seemed alright

those who know, know
how much love i have
how much I want to love them
how much love I had to show them
those who wished never knew
only monkeys in trees
climbing to attain growth

what's worse
is if I found you straight away
i never would have found you
for a ll the pain i've been through
has made me this way

all the things I treasure
all the things i now realise
have only come from
things that didn't materialise

like a beat that drops
i function in linear notes
a beauty so deep
my screen has no 3d

Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Girl I Knew

For that was a love I torn apart
A girl who loved beyond her means
And was keen to give up everything

To be apart and loathe thy cure
Only to know a love so pure
How keen she was to deceive
Bequeath in me a torrid seed
A guilty conscious lie on my back
The pain beguiling swift attack

Unknown to me, passage or cure
A love like this can be so pure
A conversation, a place in time
Love connection beneath a sign

I know not what I have is be
Until it's sailed and gone and free