Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Drunk with lust

(This was written when I was having problems with my first love. It's presented in an "as it was" state.)

Hey baby
I miss u heaps
It's my heart
That you keep

Can't wait to see you
Hold you spin you
Show you all around
Take you places
No way you'd frown

Have you in my arms
Looking deep into my eyes
Showing you
We won't demise

I miss you baby
With all my heart
'Cause there's no way
We should be apart

Just to write this
Lets me say
I feel for you still
Some mystical way

The next time we meet
I’ll lift you off your feet
With a sigh we’ll embrace
Our lips lingering the taste

I’ll lay you down
Pour some wine
Make you feel special
Help you unwind

In awe of your soul
No time to waste
Where did I meet you
A wish sent with haste

When will I see you
Make me believe you’re true
Adore, appreciate and admire
So distant from my current desire

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