Wednesday, February 4, 2009


One thing I'll pay London - awful weather but when the sky turns it on, you appreciate it (Lords)


                               Epic. Hallstätter See, Austria

                Oktoberfest (epic, for other reasons). Munich

                   Not much to say really. Industrial. Stuttgart
                       Copenhagen - Denmark (where else??)
                    The cleanest city in the world. Stockholm

I came to the realisation recently that although I think I'm good at photography, I'm not. I think I need to be more selective of what I take pictures of - or how I frame them anyway. The problem with this, is that I absolutely hate taking pictures when I'm travelling. I love 'being in the moment' and having fun when I'm out and about. And I'm yet to reach the interest levels of being willing to take my $150 camera out for a day of 'bonding'.

I love the Lost Highway quote: "I like to remember things my own way. How I remembered them. Not necessarily the way they happened".

The problem is, all that drinking didn't exactly do wonders for my memory now did it. Oh well, who said fiction was fake...


  1. You've been to Oxford or Cambridge? I love them. I have lots of friends there and I'm going again pretty soon. :-) London is great, but I love Cambridge. And this year or the next I'm thinking about going to Yorkshire. I myself love photography, so it could be fun to take pictures in that part of the country.

  2. Na mate - i havent studied abroad yet unfort. The only person i know who's been to Oxford is Bob Hawke - but he got the world record for skulling a yard glass (& held it while he was still our pm) so he's got mad respect! That top pic is at Lords but the rest are all over the place to be honest. You wanna go to Cambridge or Oxford huh? Good luck mate! Thats some great ambition :)

  3. Nope. I don't want to go study there. I'm planning to study in Dublin next year. I'm going there to visit friends who're studying there.