Monday, January 19, 2009

Swiss Ball = No Beer

As sad as it sounds I got myself one of these swiss balls the other day (+ a yoga mat!!), and I have to say they really do work! Im mostly using it to sit at the computer, but its great for maintaining posture and works your lower back muscles while keeping your abs tight too. I sound like a bit of a salesman here but for $25 its pretty good value - the only thing to remember is to get off it every 20 mins or so as u need to rest your 'stabilising muscles' apparently. So you can go off for a quick (read: upright) walk then sit back on it again - I can't praise this thing enough! Plus there are a heap of workouts you can do with it too (see: youtube) but I'll leave them for someone else to discuss. Im just happy sitting on it for now :)
Now the reason for all this fitness  - my bloody 'no beer intake' rule! This rekindled apprecation of keeping in shape is feeling pretty darn good though so the ole mighty beer may have to wait another day. I cant believe I just said that - its been 2 weeks already since my last drink and I've abstained whilst some of my favourite cold-ones [Hefeweizen Schofferhofers] are in the fridge. Reckoning day is upon me though and Ive decided to wait until my next rdo's to re-acquaint myself but maybe - just maybe - I will wait until Australia Day (like 4th of July) and knock over a few playing cricket =D

Oops, its been more than 20 minutes...

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