Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Poem of Jen

If only I could explain
Where I get all this pain
Ive no idea where it starts
Where my body & soul parts

If I could love thee
I would say go
We’re not allowed to be
We’re only here for show

If you were no good in bed
Would I stay round
If you were in the head
Would I feel bound

Some things say to stay
Other signs motion go
Im allowed to do as I wish
The decisions we make
When guilded by the fish

If I were to change
What would I re-arrange
Id say go fall in love
And forget about all of the above

But im staying in a world of lust
Filled with passion and desire
Dreaming of a world I’ve known
Accustomed to and completely grown

Can I give it all away now
I think its time to run
Skin cancer is no good for thee
Its time to flee from the sun

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