Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Before I knew

In my heart
Filled with gold
Poured from your soul
Stories that you’ve told

The way you spoke
Or what I heard
Brought me closer
Than I’ve ever known

When you cried
I was there
Feeling it too
No time for despair

When I saw you
The clear in your eye
I felt spoken to
A heartfelt goodbye

If you leave now
Why have you come
To hold and please me
Only to run

How do I stay
When really I must go
Is this love for real
Or just some kind of show


  1. heya! nice meeting U! I'm a new blogger as well...

  2. Yeah u too mate!
    I'l drop by for a looksie

  3. Haha:-) My English is still terrible, but anyway. If you do have MSN, drop me a line. My account is with the mail: Bye!

  4. Na mate ur english is sweet as! where are u from anyways?