Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Before your time
Should we expire
Let me know
Your hearts desire

For when I see you
Life barely moves
Time ceases to travel
Stopped by your soothe

Under the sheets
I feel your beauty
Will you be true to me
Is it something I will see

Lying close to you
A glow rises within
My fingers through your hair
When will it begin

A clearer view of your face
How long will it last
Can’t wait to see you again
My hand you clasp

Just want you near now
To stare into your eyes
Barely see you there
Gone beyond ties

Came to me in Winter
And stayed until June
Laid beneath my heart
And you fell apart

A smile so pure
A laugh so free
Just want you nearer
Stay next to me

But you’re so far away now
Time was my only clue
Felt like I knew you
Moments so true

A connection so deep
Bound together so sweet
What happened in my bed
Now in my head

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